Tobacco Treatment

Tobacco Treatment Services provide individualized counseling by a Mayo-certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. These specialists complete an in-depth assessment of your tobacco use and assist in developing a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to meet your needs.

At your first visit, we will discuss your motivation and readiness to quit, any previous experiences at quitting, things or situations that trigger your urge to smoke, and challenges that stand in your way of being successful.

When creating your personal treatment plan, we respect that you are the expert in your life. We will help you discover your coping skills and develop your support system. Tobacco Treatment Specialists will also assist you in exploring the many options in medications that aid you in your journey to become tobacco free. Research has shown that nicotine replacement and/or drug therapy doubles the rate of success, helps manage negative moods, and provides opportunity to alter behavior while reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. In some instances, recommended use of combination therapy may be necessary to achieve success.

Regular follow-up sessions are provided to monitor your progress, offer advice and encouragement and provide support. Quitting is a process and discouragement can quickly set in. Follow-up sessions will identify what is working and help you face any unexpected challenges. Changes in your medication plan or reviewing coping skills can get you back on the road to success.

These sessions usually occur one week after your quit date followed by sessions at one month, two months and three months. Six and twelve-month follow-up contact by phone or mail will help you continue with your progress.

Cost: $28.50 per session. Medicare covers Tobacco Treatment Services when you have certain diseases or adverse health effects that have been linked to tobacco use. Some private insurance may provide coverage.

Success Rate: Research shows that the length of the session and the number of sessions increase success rates. Success rates of people trying to quit on their own is about 3-5%. When you add individualized counseling, the success rate increases to 15-19%, and that rate can double with nicotine replacement or medication.

How to Enroll: Talk to your provider first about how you can enroll.

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