Robotic Surgery Testimonial

“I will take good care of you.” These are the reassuring words Dr. Anil spoke to me before my robotic surgery. And take good care of me he did.

I had endometriosis and for a while, I was able to treat my pain and bleeding with pain relievers and other medications. I coped with my symptoms and most days I was able to push through the pain and carry on my normal activities, accepting this lower quality of life. When I could no longer bear it, I discussed my options with Dr. Anil and decided robotic surgery would be the most beneficial option for me. Because this surgery is minimally invasive, I had less blood loss, less pain, and a shorter recuperation time.

Dr. Anil explained all the details of the procedure, and I felt totally confident in his hands. He truly brought a sense of caring into this surgery, answered all my questions upfront, and put my mind at peace. Everything went smoothly from check in, to surgery, to recovery. I stayed overnight in the hospital and Dr. Anil came to check on me and even called me at home the next day. After the surgery, I experienced some abdominal tenderness but overall very slight pain due to the minimally invasive nature of this surgery. During my recovery, I took some time off work and was careful about lifting anything heavy. After a follow-up session with Dr. Anil, I am back to work and enjoying life to the fullest.

It’s only been a short time since my surgery, but already it has exceptionally improved my quality of life. The biggest thing is that I don’t have to worry about my symptoms unexpectedly sneaking up on me anymore. I am confident in exercising, vacationing with my family and doing everything I want to do without limitations.

Using robotic surgery was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I highly recommend robotic surgery and Dr. Anil to anyone who may be experiencing symptoms similar to mine.

Lynne Bryant, gynecology patient