Surgery: Pain Medications

If your surgeon prescribes pain medication for you upon your discharge from the hospital please observe the following:

  • No driving while taking pain medications.
  • The pain medications may make you nauseous, so take with food.
  • Medications may be constipating, so a stool softener will be ordered for you if appropriate. Take the stool softener as directed with a full glass of water. When your bowels have returned to normal function, you may discontinue the stool softener.
  • Your pain medication may contain acetaminophen so do not take Tylenol (acetaminophen) with the pain pills.
  • Take the pain medication ONLY as prescribed. Take it only if you need it. If you find you no longer need something this strong, you may discontinue the pain pills and switch over to plain Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or Aleve (whichever is your preference).
  • Contact your surgeon if you are having pain not controlled with the pain pills or if you are having nausea or vomiting from the pain pills
  • If you need refills on your pain medication, please contract your surgeon 48 hours in advance to allow adequate time to contact your pharmacy.
  • Activity will help decrease your pain. Simply walking around your home is encouraged.

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