Surgery: Appointments


Initial Appointments

We make every effort to accommodate patients scheduling needs. Most often, clinic appointments with a surgeon can be arranged within a week. When you call please provide us with any information you have regarding testing that has been completed related to your current state of health (for example, ultrasounds, CT scans, etc.).

Registration for clinic appointments
If you are a new patient to Mayo Clinic Health System, you will be connected to the registration department when making your appointment with the surgeon. They will ask you some information and get you pre-registered in our system. If you are unable to do this at that time, the registration department will contact you or you may contact them at 608-392-9760 extension 26999.

What to expect at your first appointment
Your first appointment with the surgeon is a consultation. If you are a new patient, the surgeon will do a focused history and physical exam. He or she will also review any lab tests or x-rays that have been already performed. If surgery is recommended, you and the surgeon will discuss the surgical procedure, how you should prepare for the surgery and determine a date for the surgery. The surgeon may order further imaging or laboratory studies prior to scheduling surgery, if needed. Please bring your complete list of medications, including dosages, with you to your appointments. Please allow at least 45 minutes for your first appointment with the surgeon. If a minor procedure needs to be performed, the surgeon may be able to complete it during your first visit, if schedules permit.

Follow-up Appointments

First Follow-up
Most surgeries require a follow-up appointment with the surgeon in the clinic within one to two weeks of discharge from the hospital. Such appointments are included in your cost of surgery and no additional charges will be billed to you. Whenever possible, your post-operative appointment will be made for you when your surgery is scheduled. If not, it will be scheduled upon your discharge from the hospital. If you are discharged after hours, please call as soon as possible to make this follow-up appointment (608-392-9883).

Biopsies and Test Results
Whenever possible, we try to schedule patients for tests and have follow-up with the surgeon on the same day. We make every effort to have pathology results available to us at the time you are scheduled for any follow-up appointments, so that they may be reviewed with you. We also may ask you to call for your pathology results 2 to 3 days following your procedure. We strive to contact you as soon as we receive reports in order to reduce anxiety that can be associated with waiting for results. 

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