Cancer Center:
Your Cancer Team

The Cancer Team seeks to meet the needs of the whole person physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. The team also hopes to reduce stress, improve well-being, and support the healing process through coordination of the following programs:

  • Integrative therapies (such as Healing Touch and massage)
  • Cancer Resource and Education Center
  • Pathway to Wellness Education series
  • Mind/Body Skills groups
  • Survivorship programs
  • Support groups
  • Cancer Guide

The Cancer Guide is an oncology certified nurse who helps explore the personal impact of the cancer experience for you and your family. The Cancer Guide will:

  • Introduce the scope of cancer services, including integrative therapies
  • Complete a holistic assessment of personal strengths and needs
  • Explore tips for healthy living and coping skills to help you during your treatment and beyond
  • Offer early referral to other support team members or appropriate services
  • Support your well-being by offering free Healing Touch for anxiety, stress management, or symptoms related to treatment

The Cancer Center Chaplain offers emotional and spiritual support to you and your family throughout your cancer journey. The chaplain can help you with:

  • Discovery of meaning and hope through diagnosis and care
  • Spiritual practices in coping and healing
  • Children's understanding of illness and loss
  • Faith-related questions and exploration
  • Grief and loss concerns
  • Faith community interests and connections
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care/Advanced Directives

The Clinical Nurse Specialist works closely with the Cancer Center Support Team and is available to offer you and your family for:

  • Genetic testing/counseling
  • Management of symptoms related to your cancer or treatment

The Cancer Center Social Worker offers psychosocial and emotional support, and assists in connecting you to local, regional and national resources available such as:

  • Transportation/lodging
  • Financial assistance
  • Home care/hospice
  • Insurance issues
  • Support groups
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care/Advanced Directives

The Registered Dietician is available to design a nutrition plan to meet your needs and:

  • Assess nutritional status
  • Develop a plan to meet nutrition needs during and after cancer treatment
  • Offer counseling and support to help reduce side effects of treatment
  • Provide information about nutrition for cancer prevention
  • Present educational programs on nutrition and cancer

The American Cancer Society (ACS) Navigator assists us with helping provide the following services:

  • Connection to American Cancer Society and community-based programs
  • Access to medical equipment
  • Transportation/lodging
  • Wigs, hats, turbans and prostheses
  • Links to financial resources

Volunteers play an important role in cancer care through their caring presence and support by offering:

  • Reassuring and listening presence
  • Hospitality
  • Relaxing harp music
  • Program support