Cancer Center: Integrative Therapy Programs

The Cancer Center offers a variety of optional services to provide comfort during your treatment and contribute to your general sense of well-being. These services promote healing, wellness, and a healthful lifestyle. They are available for patients and care givers.

Healing Touch (offered at no charge)
Healing Touch is a gentle touch technique that may be used along with your other cancer treatments to promote balance and wholeness in body, mind, spirit and emotions. It can help bring a state of deep relaxation and general well-being and reduce side effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, fatigue, and headaches. Healing Touch may be given on a massage table, in a chair, or a bed. You will be fully clothed. The session usually lasts about 30 minutes.

Massage Therapy (fee charged)
Massage is a form of touch that includes stroking, kneading, or rubbing the soft tissues of the body to promote comfort and healing. Massage can help persons living with cancer by bringing about a deep relaxation, relieving pain, increasing circulation, and reducing anxiety. Certified massage therapists are available who have special training in working with cancer. 

If you are a patient or family member and are interested in scheduling one of the above therapies, please contact the Cancer Center at 608-392-9510 or toll-free at 800-362-5454.

Other Wellness Programs
Pathway to Wellness (offered at no charge)
The Pathway to Wellness program is an enriching and educational series for those who have been touched by cancer. These monthly programs are located in the Cancer Center, lower level of the Center for Advanced Medicine and Surgery. A light lunch is provided. View the series schedule here.

Mind-Body Skills Group (offered at no charge)
The Mind-Body Skills Group, an eight-week small group series, helps deal life changes and stress associated with cancer. Use of mind-body skills helps develop new coping skills, and reduce or relieve stress. They enhance well-being and help you gain personal insight and awareness. Mind-body skills can help with side effects of cancer treatment. The skills include:

  • Deep breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Meditation
  • Journal writing and drawing
  • Biofeedback
  • Guided Imagery
  • Movement and exercise
  • Understanding Emotions

For more information please contact the Cancer Guide at 608-392-7647, or toll free at 800-362-5454, ext. 2-7647.