Obstetrics & Gynecology:
Provider Choices

Having the right "match" between you and your healthcare provider is an essential part of your pregnancy and baby's birth. That's why we offer expecting parents options of providers, in a variety of locations. More information about obstetrician-gynecologists, family physicians and certified nurse midwives is listed here.

Obstetrician-gynecologists (commonly referred to as ob-gyns) are specialists in women's care and during pregnancy. The ob-gyn provides prenatal counseling and care, and care during childbirth. Ob-gyns are able to provide medical and surgical management of reproductive-related disorders and diseases. Many women appreciate knowing that if her situation could change or if a cesarean delivery would be needed, the ob-gyn is trained to handle high-risk situations. They rotate through call for deliveries and are available for women who have questions or concerns during non-clinic hours, as well as serve as back-up for high-risk deliveries.

Family Physicians
Family physicians are medical doctors who are specially trained to care for people of all ages. Women who are considering pregnancy can see a family physician for their preconception care, prenatal care and counseling, and care through childbirth and beyond. A family physician tends to be the person who is present during the delivery of your baby. Family physicians also can take care of the medical needs of infants, children, you and your entire family. Many parents appreciate the continuity of the provider who delivered their baby continuing to care for their little ones after they are born.

We are also the home of the La Crosse-Mayo Family Medicine Residency program, located in the Family Health Clinic in La Crosse, which has both residents and faculty members who deliver babies. Residents offer one-on-one education with lengthy appointments with the faculty members also participating, so the patient receives the benefit of both the resident and more experienced physician. Residents are very likely to deliver the babies of their own patients.

Certified Nurse Midwives
A certified nurse midwife is a registered nurse with advanced education in women's health issues. We also offer midwifery care before, during and after pregnancy to women who choose this option. Certified nurse midwives focus on the importance of patient participation, patient and family education, commitment to low intervention and highly supportive care. Our certified nurse midwives share delivery call for their patients. The certified nurse midwives and physicians work collaboratively as needed to bring you a safe and satisfying birth experience. If necessary, certified nurse midwives receive medical back-up from ob-gyns. Our certified nurse midwives see patients in La Crosse, Arcadia, Onalaska, Tomah and Sparta.