Obstetrics & Gynecology:
Prenatal Care Coordination

Prenatal Care Coordination (PCC) is a program to assist pregnant women in obtaining medical and community resources that are necessary for the healthiest birth possible.

Benefits of PCC:

  • A healthier mom and baby
  • Opportunities for parental education and nutrition counseling
  • Knowing what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth

What will occur in PCC?

  • We will complete a pregnancy questionnaire to identify your individual needs.
  • We will develop an individual health education plan.
  • We will answer your nutrition questions.
  • We will facilitate regular communication between you, your provider, and other health care team members.
  • You will receive information and referrals for financial and transportation resources, as needed.

For more information call our Prenatal Care Coordination office at 608-392-9412.