Obstetrics & Gynecology:
Endometrial Ablation for Heavy Bleeding

Heavy bleeding affects lifestyle for many women.

One in five women experience heavy or frequent menstrual periods, which greatly hamper a woman's ability to function normally in life. It's a very common reason for women to seek care from their gynecologist. To correct this problem, our OB/GYN department offers endometrial ablation - a minimally invasive procedure - which is well tolerated by most women in the clinic setting.

There is no IV or sedation so the procedure is offered in the clinic setting for most of the medically stable patients. Since the short process usually causes only minor cramping, patients can do her normal life activities the very next day. The out-patient setting also makes it less expensive.

The procedure is intended for women ages 30-49 who experience frequent or heavy bleeding, and who do not plan to have additional children. The endometrial lining, which is the source for bleeding, is destroyed during the procedure, and most women experience relief immediately, without a hysterectomy or hormones. For women who are less stable medically, the procedure is offered in the day surgery setting.

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