Life Balance

Maintaining your equilibrium

The subject of life balance generates attention because achieving it takes mindfulness and resolve. These resources can help you begin the process. Your counselor can give you specific recommendations that reflect your life situation.





Work-Life Balance Calculator
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Is the engagement in work life the obstacle for the development of your personal life? Does the professional activity leave enough time and energy for family and social life as well as development of your interest? Are we able to balance professional and personal life? This question can be answered via the Work-Life Balance tool, worked out by the experts of Psychoimmunology Institute (Instytut Psychoimmunologii). By completing this brief test you will shortly figure out your balance level between work and personal life and you will obtain some hints how to split your time for work and personal activities.



In Search of Balance: Keys to a Stable Life 
Richard Swenson
ISBN: 1600066984

In Search of Balance by Richard A. Swenson, MD, author of the best-selling book Margin, helps us understand the dangers of living in a fast-paced world and gives us hope for recovering a foundational sense of equilibrium.

Dr. Swenson offers not only important organizing principles for making sense of our priorities but also scores of practical tips for finding rest and contentment in a world that emphasizes materialism and busyness. His advice is grounded in the daily realities we all experience, but his wisdom has been honed by the big-picture perspective of an exhaustive study of the stresses of modern life.



A Life in Balance: Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness 
Kathleen Hall
ISBN: 978-0814473344

Our lives pull us in many different directions; to find happiness, we must create balance. Dr. Kathleen Hall has studied with great spiritual leaders including the Dalai Lama, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and exiled Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Inspired by these and many other influences, Dr. Hall has written a guide to living a balanced, intentional life grounded in the four roots of the self.



Life Matters: Creating a Dynamic Balance of Work Family Time and Money 
A. Roger Merrill
ISBN: 978-0071441780

In this highly acclaimed book, A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca Merrill show you how to navigate the critical relationships between time and money, work and family, to create a harmonious, success-enhancing dynamic between each.



Half-Lived Life: Overcoming Passivity And Rediscovering Your Authentic Self
John Lee

Everyone has a mental image of the person they want to be, but few of us actually fulfill these wishes. Once people realize they are living a completely different life than they’d envisioned, they often think it is too late to change and carry on with the same old habits. Too many people settle for a half-lived life.

Author John Lee introduces and explains how passivity holds us hostage to old ways of doing things—and provides solutions on escaping this paralyzing state of mind, body, and spirit while increasing our emotional intelligence (EQ). He also shows the freedom to be gained via compassionate assertiveness—an outgrowth of setting boundaries and enforcing limits.


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