Constructively dealing with serious illness

Adjusting to the changes brought about by illness can be stressful, especially if the condition is not temporary. Your “new normal” may be a huge adjustment requiring some help. 



Coping with Serious Illness 
Catherine Thornton
ISBN: 978-1847300515

Catherine Thornton has recorded her journey through and beyond illness, her hopes and fears, and the different lessons she learned on the way. She offers advice on how to cope with difficult situations such as dealing with the medical system, telling your children that you are ill and keeping your will to survive strong through the tough times. Although Catherine battled cancer, the journey described in this book could apply to any serious life-changing illness. It will be a help and comfort to anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness and to their friends and family.



Leaves Falling Gently: Living with Serious and Life-Limiting Illness through Mindfulness, Compassion and Connectedness 
Susan Bauer-Wu PhD, RN & Joan Halifax PhD
ISBN: 978-1572249998

A life-limiting illness may have taken hold of your body, but you can still live more fully and openly than ever before. You can enrich your life by exploring ways to make peace with yourself and deepen connections with friends and family. This book will help you reap the benefits of mindfulness and acceptance, one day at a time.



The Power of Two: Surviving Serious Illness with an Attitude and an Advocate 
Gerri Monaghan & Brian Monaghan
ISBN: 0761152598

The Power of Two has the power to change lives. This much-needed book combines an inspiring story of hope and survival with a compelling practical blueprint for how to be a loved one’s advocate. And if ever there was a time when a chronically ill or disabled person needs an advocate, that time is now, with HMOs, the medical establishment, and patients in a chaotic free-for-all.


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