Conflict Management

Resolving conflict with co-workers, relatives and others

Wherever there are humans there is conflict, but you can turn the corner on difficult relationships once you know how they work.



Avergo Conflict Management
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How would you identify and manage a potential conflict? Learn the basics of conflict management!! Gain the knowledge you need to de-escalate difficult situations and get win-win outcomes.



Have a Nice Conflict: How to find success & satisfaction in the most unlikely places
Tim Scudder, Michael Patterson & Kent Mitchell
ISBN: 978-1118202760

From the publishers of the popular Strength Deployment Inventory, Have a Nice Conflict follows one man’s fight to rescue his sinking career. Sales manager John Doyle would consider his career a success—he’s his company’s top revenue driver, and his take-charge attitude gets the job done. However, when he is passed over for promotion—again—after losing two direct reports, who cite his abrasive style as their reason for leaving, John is forced to reassess how he approaches his relationships. With the help of Mac, an expert in the art of Relationship Awareness Theory, John learns the three stages of conflict, and how he reacts in each.

Once John recognizes his own values and trigger points, as well those of other people, he becomes able to better navigate terse situations, express his points in a way that resonates for other people, and even avoid conflict altogether. Equipped with this new understanding of how other people interpret and react to conflict, John soon finds all the relationships in his life—both at work and at home—improving.



Developing Your Conflict Competence: A Hands-On Guide for Leaders, Managers, Facilitators, and Teams
Craig E. Runde & Tim A. Flanagan
ISBN: 978-0470505465

A practical resource, this book combines tips, checklists, exercises, and stories to outline concrete processes that improve the way leaders, managers, and anyone within an organization responds to conflict. Beginning with a series of questions and self-diagnostics, the authors show you how to: maintain emotional balance in the face of conflict; implement constructive communications techniques; help others deal with conflicts that are causing organization problems; establish norms for handling conflict; use specific approaches for addressing conflict more effectively.



The Conflict Management Skills Workbook
John J. Liptak & Ester Leutenberg
ISBN: 978-1570252396

Conflict is a basic fact of life. Because conflicts are disagreements resulting from people or groups having differences in attitudes, beliefs, values, or needs, conflict is inevitable. Conflict itself is not a bad thing, as long as the conflict is managed effectively. The self-assessments, exercises, and journaling activities in this book will take participants through a unique Negotiations Model. This model helps participants learn about their beliefs surrounding conflict, identify their preferred style for managing conflict, examine active listening skills, identify the situations that trigger conflict, and recognize their negotiation style for what they want and need. This is an excellent resource for counselors and therapists to use with clients. All of the activities are reproducible.


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