Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of problems does EAC address?

Our EAC program provides early, professional help for many issues you, your family and other families like you may be experiencing, including but not limited to:

  • Family issues
  • Marital problems
  • Parenting issues
  • Major shifts in job responsibilities
  • Death of family member or friend
  • Friend or coworker with serious personal problem
  • Employees having difficulty getting along
  • Critical incident stress management
  • Legal or financial difficulties
  • Major illness or chronic health problem
  • Troubling alcohol or drug use
  • Any sources of emotional distress or pain 


How do I decide whether to seek counseling?

Even if you’re not sure your situation is appropriate for EAC counseling, you may call and consult with a counselor, confidentially and at no cost.


Who provides the counseling?

Our counselors are licensed mental health professionals. Each is a master’s level professional with extensive counseling experience and a special understanding of workplace dynamics. Our counselors are committed to providing compassionate, professional care.


Are most people nervous about getting counseling? 

Many people assisted through the EAC had never been involved in any type of professional counseling and didn’t know what to expect. It’s very normal for a person to be anxious prior to his or her first visit. You may find it helpful to speak with a counselor over the phone prior to your first meeting. The counselor can help you relax and feel more comfortable. After all, counseling is just a conversation. 


What happens in the sessions? 

The EAC counselor will help you identify your problem and ensure you get the help you need. Counseling sessions are typically held at the EAC office but we will accommodate clients through phone sessions if desired. You may find resolution after one or two sessions. Through your EAC program, you have access to up to eight sessions.

If you and your counselor both believe you would benefit from additional help from a professional with more specialized skills, the counselor will help you select the resource that best meets your needs. The counselor will then remain available for further support, planning and follow-up.


What if I’m not sure I need help?

Seeking help from a professional counselor is a very personal decision. But if you are even considering seeking services, now may be the time. A confidential call to consult with a counselor may help you decide, and there’s no cost or obligation to continue.


Is the program really confidential?

Yes. All information regarding assessment and referral services will be securely and confidentially maintained by the EAC. We guarantee that no information concerning your personal situation or even your participation in the EAC program will be released, except as required by law.


Is the program really free? 

Yes. The services available through EAC are offered to all employees and their family members at no cost. If additional services from another source, such as a referral, are recommended, those costs will be discussed with you.


Where do I start?

To make an appointment or to discuss your situation over the phone with a counselor, call the Center at 608-392-9530. If you’re calling from outside the La Crosse area, call 1-800-493-3960 (toll free). All calls are completely confidential.

Franciscan Health Solutions Employee Assistance Center provides compassionate, professional counselors who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to your employees.


Why Franciscan Health Solutions EAC?

When it comes to EAC, Franciscan Health Solutions offers more. You’ll get in to see a counselor more quickly and have access to more sessions than with any other EAC program in the region. Our approach is more likely to adequately meet your needs without further referrals and counseling. In fact, 4 out of 5 people find resolution without further referrals. However, if a referral is needed, counselors will match the best available providers, services and resources. No program has a better understanding of available resources and options for help in our region.