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Changes happen so gradually your life can transform before you know it. It seems like new decisions must be made every day. When the questions are more than you can answer, give us a call. We can provide you with the information you need to make decisions that are best for you. Our professional staff will help you understand the many choices available to you and how to evaluate your options. Read more about the services we provide:

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Dementia Care


Senior Living Options

Senior Help Line
Elder Services Resource Specialists are trained social workers available to help with any questions relating to older adults and their needs. We can explore your needs by helping you understand your choices and find the services that are right for you. All questions are important to us. We will find the answer to your questions and listen to your concerns. Call us at 608-392-9505 and ask for a social worker.

Advance Directives
Respecting your choices regarding your medical options is what every medical professional wants to do. Without an Advanced Care Plan, however, your choices will not be known. An Advance Care Plan is a statement of your choices for future health care. It can give instructions or name someone to make those choices should you be unable to do so.

Our staff is available to help you work through the process of putting your choices in writing. This service is provided every Thursday morning, free of charge, from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the Elder Services department. If you'd like help completing your advance directive or would like to have copies sent to you in advance prior to your scheduled visit, please call 608-392-9505 to set up an appointment and ask to speak to an Advance Directives Counselor.

Successful Aging Program
The Successful Aging Program is a program designed to meet the needs and interests of seniors who are interested in learning how to achieve better self-care. The program takes a holistic approach to health care by considering the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of seniors.

Each fourth Tuesday of the month there is an educational session on topics that are relevant to aging, along with refreshments. We have also created Celebrating You! a twelve-week challenge that encourages people to eat better and move more. The Celebrating You! Challenge runs each Spring to early Summer. For more information call Elder Services at 608-392-9505.

September Series on Dementia
The annual September Series on Dementia runs for four days in the month of September. It is a series that follows the course of Dementia from its initial diagnosis to its final stages. Taught by local experts, this is a very informative and interesting series. For more information, call 608-392-9505.

Speakers Bureau
Elder Services staff is a part of the Speakers Bureau. Requests for speakers should be directed to Business Development at 608-392-9717.

Our staff is available to speak on any issues related to aging, to include: Dementia, Behavioral issues relating to dementia, memory loss issues, Advance Directives, taking care of the caregiver, Lifeline, Peer Support, Elder Services, and much more.

Symposium on Geriatric Health
This is an informative and interesting symposium designed especially for health care professionals who work with the elderly. It covers the many new and exciting advances in the field of Geriatrics. It is held annually, the last Monday in February, and the topics change according to current trends. For more information call Elder Services at 608-392-9505.


La Crosse County Falls Coalition

Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare collaborates with the La Crosse County Falls Coalition to prevent falls among all populations, and especially the elderly. Falls are a significant portion of the trauma cases seen across La Crosse County. The coalition web site offers information and resources on fall prevention and safety.




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