Cardiology: ICD Support Group

This support group is for individuals who have an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) implanted, as well as their family members or support network. The meetings start with a 30-minute educational session presented by a cardiology professional, as well as pharmacists, exercise specialists, psychologists, or by an outside speaker. The rest of the time is spent discussing life with an ICD and ideas are shared among the members.

Discussion can cover topics such as, what it feels like to receive a shock, how others have coped with the feeling of a shock, having a “shock plan”, if life has changed in any way because of the ICD, to name just a few. The group meets twice a year. For questions or more information about the ICD Support Group, please call 608-800-362-5454 and ask for the ICD/Pacemaker Clinic, ext. 23699.