Heart Health for Women

Heart disease manifests itself differently in women, but knowing the signs and symptoms of heart disease and adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle can help protect you from heart disease. Click on the heart health links below to learn more.

Heart disease in women: Understanding the risk factors: Heart disease is often overlooked as a disease that affects women, but in fact, it kills more women than men. Understanding the symptoms of heart disease that are unique to women can help reduce your risk.

Heart disease risk calculator: Know your risk for heart disease.

Heart-healthy diet – eight tips to prevent heart disease: It can be a challenge to adopt healthier eating habits, but following these eight tips may help make it easier.

Heart-healthy recipes: A complete list of heart healthy recipes from Mayo Clinic.

Small steps to a heart healthy lifestyle: Going from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one can be difficult. However, even the smallest changes can have a big impact in preventing heart disease. These suggestions from a Mayo Clinic cardiologist can help make the transition easier.

Strategies to preventing heart disease: An in-depth look at how adopting a heart healthy lifestyle can prevent heart disease.

Heart disease and pregnancy – know the risks: Understanding the risks and knowing the complications of heart disease during pregnancy can help you deliver a healthy baby.

A near miss – a survivor’s story: Geraldine Schlueter shares her experience of undergoing triple bypass surgery.

Go Red for Women: An American Heart Association page dedicated to the education and prevention of heart disease in women.

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