General Prevention of Heart Disease

Knowing the symptoms of heart disease and making simple lifestyle changes can help reduce your risk of the disease and prevent heart attacks. Here are some tips on adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle:

Get Educated

Heart Disease Symptoms: Symptoms of heart disease are different depending on what type of heart disease you have. Learn the different symptoms to help protect yourself from the disease.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack: Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack could mean the difference between life and death.

Use Tools

Heart disease risk calculator: Know your risk for heart disease.

Update Your Diet

Fruit and vegetables

Heart-healthy diet – eight tips to prevent heart disease: It can be a challenge to adopt healthier eating habits, but following these eight tips may help make it easier.

Heart healthy recipes: A complete list of heart healthy recipes from Mayo Clinic.

Get Active


Small steps to a heart healthy lifestyle: Going from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one can be difficult. However, even the smallest changes can have a big impact in preventing heart disease. These suggestions from a Mayo Clinic cardiologist can help make the transition easier.

7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity: Daily physical activity improves your heart function and overall health. Not only that, it can also help in the prevention in all diseases, including heart disease.

What You’ll Get

Strategies to preventing heart disease: An in-depth look at how adopting a heart healthy lifestyle can prevent heart disease.