Cardiology: Clinic Visits

What to Expect When You Visit the Cardiology Clinic

If you are scheduled for an appointment with Cardiology, you will register at the desk on the second floor of the Clinic Building (Subspecialties). Or you can be seen at the Onalaska Clinic located at 191 Theater Road in Onalaska. We have six full-time Mayo Clinic cardiologists and three full-time cardiology nurse practitioner on staff.

During your appointment, you will be taken to a room by a nurse where you will review your history, reason for being seen and a review of your current medications. Note: Please bring your medications with you to your appointment.

After your information is taken and reviewed by the nurse, the cardiologist will meet with you.

You may have an ECG done the day of your appointment if you have not had one for a specific amount of time.

After the appointment, the cardiologist may order more testing to be completed during a follow-up visit and then another appointment may be scheduled to discuss the results.

A consult (initial meeting with the doctor) usually takes approximately one hour. A recheck appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.

La Crosse Cardiology Clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please call 608-392-6474.