Center for Breast Care:
Your First Visit

Your first evaluation will take place in the Center for Breast Care, located in the Clinic Building on the second floor. When you arrive at the reception desk, please give any reports, mammograms, or other radiographic images to the receptionist.

If you have had previous mammograms performed elsewhere, it is important that you bring these with you to your appointment.

After being escorted to an exam room, a breast health nurse will obtain your medical history.

You will meet with one of our physician breast specialists to determine if further testing needs to be performed.

If additional imaging, and/or a biopsy is recommended, we will strive to complete your work up the same day as your initial visit. This may require you to be here for an additional two to three hours for diagnostic imaging and longer if a needs biopsy is performed.

Occasionally, your evaluation may even extend to another day before being completed. We strive to give you the results of additional testing performed within 1 to 2 business days.

You will be given a return appointment in the clinic to discuss your test results and treatment options, if needed.