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Massage for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage is massage therapy for pregnancy, labor support and after birth. It focuses on the special needs of the mother as her body changes throughout pregnancy, labor and after the baby is born. Women who choose massage during pregnancy may also choose the option of having a massage therapist present during labor and birth, assisting not only comfort, but also as a stable and supportive presence. After the baby is born, many mothers appreciate the relaxation and nurturing qualities of massage.

Some benefits of pregnancy massage:

  • Reduces stress and helps mother relax
  • Eases muscle tension and fatigue
  • Reduces swelling
  • Increases circulation

Some benefits of labor massage and support:

  • Promotes relaxation between contractions
  • Helps decrease pain of back labor

Some benefits of massage after the baby is born:

  • Eases fatigue brought about by daily demands of the baby
  • Alleviates muscle strain from giving birth
  • Provides mother with time to be nurtured and cared for
  • Reduces tension and increases energy

To schedule an appointment for massage therapy, please call:
La Crosse Campus: 608-392-9891
Onalaska Campus: 608-392-5243