Family Birthplace:
Childbirth Education

The Family Birthplace offers a variety of classes for parents-to-be. 

The annual class guidebooks provide a complete listing of classes, descriptions and meeting times.

Childbirth Education 2016 (guidebook)

Childbirth Education 2017 (guidebook)

Use the forms below to register for the classes.

Register for a Class 2016 (online form)

Register for classes to be held in 2017 (pdf form)

Please call 608-392-4172 for additional information regarding these classes. 

Mom and Baby Group
Mom and Baby Group is a support group for new parents-moms and dads - and babies. There is a 15-20 minute informational presentation and the remainder of the hour is reserved for parents and babies to interact and share their own joys, learnings and challenging days. It is a great source of friendship. This is a free offering. Babies of all ages are welcome. Call 608-392-4172 if you have questions.

Natural Family Planning - Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS)
Mayo Clinic Health System's La Crosse FertilityCare Practitioner teaches couples the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) - a modern, effective and scientifically proven ovulation method of family planning. CrMS is a safe, natural and holistic way for couples to achieve pregnancy, postpone pregnancy and identify gynecological health issues. To learn more, call 392-4624.