Nurse Line

The Mayo Clinic Health System Nurse Line is a convenient way to access round-the-clock advice from our team of expert and caring registered nurses. Our team uses medical information that is backed by the expertise of Mayo Clinic to answer your questions. We'll help you get the right care based on your needs, often without ever having to leave your home.

If you're having symptoms and are not sure if or when you need to be seen in person by a medical professional, call the primary care department where you normally receive care. Staff will assess your situation and, if being seen by a medical professional is not necessary, can connect you with the Nurse Line.

During overnight or weekend hours, call the main switchboard number for Franciscan Healthcare - 608-785-0940 - and ask for the Nurse Line. If you feel you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or your local emergency service.

Cindy in Nurse Triage"You have a question or concern about your health, but you're not sure if you need to see a doctor. Our goal is to listen to you and help make that decision. In many instances all you really need is the right information. People appreciate the fact that we can provide you with good, tested information that helps you take care of yourself." – Cindy, R.N., Triage Nurse