DAISY Award Recipients

View DAISY award recipients from Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare.

Click on the recipient's name to view a local story and photo of the award. Honorees are also recognized on the Daisy Foundation web site. To view honorees, go to the Foundation intranet site, scroll below the photos and select "detailed search." Type the honoree's name in the search tool and then click the search button.




July 2016

Traci Kokke, R.N.

Infectious Diseases, La Crosse

June 2016 

Patrick Mulrine, R.N

Cardiology/Cardiac Rehab 

May 2016 

Kathryn Gebczyk, R.N.

3rd Surgical, La Crosse 

April 2016

Allison Papenfuss, R.N.

Day Surgery, La Crosse

March 2016

Peggy Way, R.N. 

NICU, La Crosse

February 2016

Melissa Hemker, R.N. 

Home Health & Hospice

January 2016

Thomas Halada, R.N. 

Emergency & Urgent Care, La Crosse

December 2015

Dana Kildahl, R.N.

9 Center, La Crosse

November 2015

Heather Molling, R.N.

General Surgery, La Crosse

October 2015

Caitlin Kolb, R.N.

9 Center, La Crosse

September 2015

Ryan Gorman R.N. & Amy Fries, R.N.

3rd Surgical, La Crosse

August 2015

Jill Henkel, R.N.

Cardiovascular Services, La Crosse 

July 2015

Ryanne Inglett, R.N.

9 Center, La Crosse

June 2015

Terese Peterson, R.N.

Emergency & Urgent Care, La Crosse

May 2015

Carol Larson, R.N.

Day Surgery, La Crosse 

April 2015

Colin Yahnke, R.N.

Emergency & Urgent Care, La Crosse

March 2015

Laura Finseth Scott, R.N.

Family Birthplace, La Crosse

February 2015

Amy Fries, R.N.

3rd Surgical, La Crosse

January 2015

Richard Gardner, R.N.

Surgery, La Crosse

December 2014

Morgan Foley, R.N.

9 Center, La Crosse

November 2014

Michele Nicksic, R.N. 

Family Birthplace, La Crosse

October 2014

Tess Mann, B.S.N.

9 Center, La Crosse 

September 2014

Kim Bergstedt, R.N.

Intensive Care Unit, La Crosse

August 2014

Jamie Dunnum, R.N.

Labor and Delivery, La Crosse 

July 2014

Deborah Lisick, L.P.N.

Internal Medicine, La Crosse 

June 2014

Laura Schmidt, R.N.

Surgery, La Crosse 

May 2014

Sally Bergstrom, R.N.

Village on Cass, La Crosse

April 2014

Nikki Elliott, L.P.N.

Family Medicine, Onalaska

March 2014

Mary Jo Mueller, R.N.

Center for Women's Health, La Crosse

February 2014

Joy Erb-Moser, R.N. 

Emergency & Urgent Care, La Crosse

January 2014

Mandy Foster, R.N.

Neonatal Intensive Care, La Crosse

December 2013

Robin Desrosier, R.N. 

Dermatology, Onalaska

November 2013

Beth Reis, R.N. 

9 Center, La Crosse

October 2013

Lois Przywojski, R.N

Intensive Care, La Crosse 

September 2013

Lynn Ellis, R.N. 

Pulmonology, La Crosse 

August 2013

Marianne Florin, R.N.

Cancer Center, La Crosse 

July 2013

Allyn Lacount, R.N.

9 Center, La Crosse 

June 2013

Nancy Van Dalsem, R.N. 

Medical-Surgical Unit, Sparta

May 2013

Mary Kief, R.N.

7th Medical, La Crosse

April 2013

Camilla Jaekel, R.N.

Call Center, La Crosse

April 2013

Sarah Wetterlin, R.N.

9 Center, La Crosse

March 2013

Amanda Hansel, R.N.

Family Medicine, Prairie du Chien

March 2013

Karen Voight, R.N.

Internal Medicine, La Crosse