Stipend & Benefits

The stipend for the PGY1 pharmacy resident is $48,000, divided equally over the residency year. All earnings will be electronically deposited into the pharmacy resident(s) bank account(s).

As a postgraduate resident, pharmacy residents are benefit eligible, including 15 days of paid time off for personal vacation (including professional interviews), holidays and sick days. Additionally, eligibility for medical and prescription coverage from day one of employment as well as a dental and vision reimbursement account or dental insurance. Pharmacy residents will be provided information on benefit selection(s) upon residency interview.

Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare recognizes 6 major holidays in a 12-month calendar year (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). Pharmacy Leadership reserves the right to change resident staffing schedules and requirements based on the needs of the Pharmacy Department.

Residents must comply with the following:

  • The PGY1 Pharmacy Resident is required to staff two holidays. These holidays will be assigned by Pharmacy Leadership.
    • If a sick day is used for an assigned holiday, the resident will be required to make this time up with a future holiday or weekend shift.
    • Personal vacation day(s) cannot be used for assigned holidays or staffing shifts.
  • Sick Leave
    • Resident(s) must contact the RPD and their current preceptor if they are unable to attend work due to illness prior to their scheduled time.
    • If the resident is sick and will not be present to work a scheduled weekend staffing shift, the resident is required to make up this time on a future weekend. Personal leave days not associated with online staffing do not require make-up time.
    • Resident(s) must also comply with the Attendance – Absence and Tardiness Policy
  • Professional Interview Days
    • The resident is encouraged to plan their interview dates to avoid missing as little clinical rotation time as possible. It is the responsibility of the resident to notify their RPD and clinical rotation preceptor of any interview dates as soon as possible.
    • Any missed required online staffing dates will need to be made up if vacation days are used to attend an interview.
    • Pharmacy will not reimburse any cost(s) incurred for professional interview day(s).
  • Exhaustion of Personal Vacation, Holiday and Sick Leave
    • In the event that paid time off has been exhausted prior to completion of the residency, the resident will be required to make up any missed learning experience(s) through extension of the residency program beyond the typical June 30th end date. In the event an extension is needed, the Director of Pharmacy, RPD, Pharmacy Operations Coordinator and Human Resources representative (if needed) will communicate the details and outline the last day of residency to make up the missed learning experience(s).

All personal vacation, sick days and holidays will be accounted for and documented by the RPD.

Emergency Leave

Pharmacy Leadership and preceptors are aware that certain life emergencies or life events may occur and that residents may need to be away or request to be away. Attempts will be made to accommodate the resident should this situation arise during the residency year. Approval must be granted by Pharmacy Leadership.

Appointments for personal issues (physician, dentist, banking, etc.) should be made during research weeks, administrative rotations, or non-residency hours whenever possible. Appointments must be cleared with your preceptors.