If you need to be hospitalized for medical or surgical treatment, your primary physician will make arrangements for your hospital admission. Your physician will also give you any pre-admission instructions you may need.

Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont includes the hospital and all clinic physicians. Mayo Clinic visiting physicians and other area providers can see patients at the hospital. Most specialists perform surgery there. Your primary physician may also be involved in your hospital care and follow-up care.

Hospital services and physician services are billed separately. You will receive a clinic bill that includes charges for any medical care provided by your physician during your hospital stay. The hospital bill will contain charges specific to the hospital stay.

You have the option of receiving inpatient care at hospitals other than Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont. Your specialist or primary care physician can explore those options with you. Once your hospital care is completed and you return home, your clinic physician is available to provide follow-up care.