Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation helps people with a history of chronic lung disease to make lifestyle changes that may improve their health and reduce the risk of future health problems. 

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a safe and effective way to help you feel better and stronger, learn more about your disease, break old habits and develop new, healthful habits. 


Pulmonary rehabilitation sessions include exercise, education and counseling. 

  • Exercise – Strengthen your lungs, heart and body while under the care and supervision of specialists. Supervision during exercise allows participants to push themselves safely. Each person progresses at their own pace. 
  • Education – Understand lung disease and health risks associated with its development. 
  • Support – Receive encouragement as you set goals toward healthful lifestyle changes. 
  • Relaxation – Learn techniques to help you cope with stress and anxiety. 

What to Expect

The program generally ranges from 12 to 36 sessions, with an average of two sessions per week. Each session is approximately one hour. 


Your team may include: 

Medicare and personal insurance may cover all or part of the cost of your pulmonary rehabilitation. We recommend you find out what will be covered by your individual plan. 

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