Balance Clinic

The Balance Clinic offers testing and services to improve balance, reduce dizziness and restore equilibrium. The goal is to help patients live life as they did before their dizziness or balance problems began interfering with daily activities.

VNG/ENG testing
Measures involuntary eye movements, called nystagmus, that are often associated with dizziness.

Rotational vestibular testing - RVT
Assesses the inner ear response to motion by using gentle rotation in a rotary chair at varying speeds to stimulate the body's natural motions.

Computerized dynamic posturography - CDP
Evaluates the coordinated integration of eyes, inner ear, and muscles and joints involved in maintaining balance. CPD may also be used in rehabilitation therapy to help retrain how the patient balances and/or to strengthen certain parts of the body.

The Balance Clinic offers the most comprehensive balance assessments available to area patients. Following diagnosis, an individualized plan of care is created. The plan is modified as the patients progresses.

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