Please take a moment to read the testimonials below from families of hospice patients.

Dear friends,

How blessed are we to now know first hand what an awesome group you are! You have so gently helped me make some very hard decisions. You have given wonderful care to both mom and dad. Thank you so much! God bless you all! 

The Family of Peg Santo

We would like to thank you all – the hospice team for all your help getting Bill home on hospice. It was very important to him and we’re so thankful that he was home, even for a little while. hospice is such a wonderful option for patients and families because it addresses so many of the medical and emotional needs and we appreciate all the help you provided. Thank you again and God bless!

Margie Winch and Family

Thank you for the literature you sent me following the death of my husband. It has become a real guide for me as I slowly recover from my loss. I re-read it frequently to see how I’m coming. I journal a lot and hope I’m honest with myself. At this point I don’t feel the need for formal grief counseling. Again, thank you, hospice, for your guidance during this difficult journey.


Our gratitude and prayers are with each and every one of you. You are all part of a wonderful organization.

The Arnoldt Family

Thank you so very much for all the dedicated care you provided to both our mother, Jean (06) and John (08) Erickson during their time in hospice care. Thank you for the “perfect” beautiful white rose that was sent out by hospice after they had passed. Perfect sign of hope for the future.

The Families of John and Jean Erickson

Thank you for all you did to make our mother pass with dignity and comfort as possible. I wish you could have met her a month before when she was living in her apartment taking care of herself so independently. She was a treasure. We all miss and loved her very much. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers as you continue your important work. God bless you.

The Family of Marion Kasperek

Thank you for your support and care during these last months of Dena’s life. You all made a difference for me and for mom’s comfort and care. I especially want to thank Fr. Soroka for his final works to me as the end was growing near. A special thank you to Cindy and Kim for your help with my grief as well as mom’s care. The rose we received from hospice was beautiful. Thank you again.

The Family of Dena Ruegg

My dad was not on hospice very long, but in that time we saw you all embrace him with professionalism and caring and could see beyond his aging to the wonderful person he was. My mother was comforted by his lack of suffering. Thank you.

The Family of Pat Russell

To all of you wonderful people,

We owe you more than we could ever repay. You are all so very wonderful and so sweet and nice to Royal and Ed, too. We know some of you more than others but you have our admiration and the deepest respect. I’m not much of a letter writer so I hope I can convey our deepest thanks. Michelle you and Cindy I think we know best. I am sure you’re all equally nice. To you whole team, deepest thanks. To Chaplain Jay, you are one of the nicest most sincere people we’ve ever known. Thank you for all the nice things you did. We deeply admire and respect you beyond belief. I hope you realize how great all of you are. I hope you’ll be there for me when time comes. It would be so great if you can see me. The only problem is only the good die young. So you know I don’t qualify for that. Much love and thanks from all of us.

Lee Schwichtenburg and the Rest of the Family

Thank you and your organization for all of the wonderful care that mom received from all of you at hospice. I know that mom had special feelings for all of you and that she passed away in loving and comfortable place. Mom is at peace now and I feel she is back with the man that she shared 60 years with. Please use this money to help others who are going through this journey. Thank you again to a special group of people.

Pat Schmidt

We wanted to thank you for all the warmth and compassion you brought into our home and Bob’s final days. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Rochelle Major and Family

To all of you who care to Lyle’s home, hospital and Benedictine Living Community,

Thank you. You are very caring and compassionate people. That gave us great comfort. Lyle knew he was in good hands. It gave Ruth peace of mind just knowing she could call anytime. It really takes special people to do your jobs. You are all wonderful. Thank you.

Tim and Gloria Loe

There is no way we can thank each and every one of you for helping us through this tough time. You not only made things easier for mom, you helped all of us too. You have a wonderful organization. Thank you.

The Family of Mary Glaubitz

Thank you all for your caring and loving support during mom’s last days with us. She is now at peace and we are so grateful for your making that journey easier for her and for us.

The Lorna Hanson Family

To all the nurses and staff at hospice (especially Lori),

Thank you so much for care, talents and time you have given us while dad took his final journey. Having all of you there for us was truly a comfort. I knew that each of you will hold a special place in our hearts. God bless you all!

The Family of Art Griffing

To the wonderful and caring people of hospice,

We feel Bernice would have insisted that we remember and show our gratitude and thanks for the care you provided her and us during illness and death. Neither words nor money can compare or compensate your work. So please accept our heartfelt thank you.

Harvey Kranz

Dear hospice,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care, phone calls and attention given to our mom, Bonnie Johnson, during her illness this summer and eventual death. We can’t thank you enough for all the love, care and concern shown to her. It means the world to us.

Kevin and Julie Johnson

If it wasn't for all of you, I wouldn't have been able to grant Mikes last wish to be at home. He was in no pain and we talked until a few minutes before he passed away. The rose was beautiful. I will forever be grateful to each and every one of you. Wish you all a blessed holiday season.

Carol Potz, wife of Mike Potz

Many, many thanks! Thank you for the beautiful white rose. What wonderful care we received from the hospice people. Your assistance helping me care for Sarge at home was miraculous. The amazing hospice people helped make Sarge's last days comfortable and pain-free. 

Norma Carstensen, wife of Vern (Sarge) Carstensen

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the kind and gentle care your hospice staff provided for mother. It was greatly appreciated by all of us. She had a soft spot in her heart for Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato and the people there having worked at the hospital for 30 years. Most sincere thanks to all of you. God bless your work. 

Marilyn North, daughter of Ora Roden

I've searched and searched for words enough to express how much your guidance and support have meant to us, but I think you must already know. Otherwise, how could you give the way you do? From your hearts, with gentleness, compassion and honesty. Mom helped us realize that even cancer brings with it blessings and joys and that even death can be a celebration. Thank you for being a part of the lesson and the celebration. 

Marj Schwichtenberg and the family of Lucille Kunkel

I don't know how to thank you enough. If it wouldn't have been for hospice, I really don't think my dad would have made it as long as he did. The love and concern from his hospice caretakers was unbelievable! This also goes out to the hospice volunteers who were so nice to both my parents during their visits!!! We very much appreciate it. 

Dee Ritter, daughter of Earl Speiss

I would like to thank everyone who helped me make my husband, Kenneth Ganzel's, last hours of life comfortable. Thank you for helping me learn about hospice. You are all wonderful people. Thank you for the white rose you gave in honor of Kenneth. May you all be blessed for the kindness you've shown him and I. 

Margaret Ganzel, wife of Kenneth Ganzel

It is with much heartfelt appreciation that we wish to thank all of those who helped to make my mothers last months and days easier for both her and us. We had the opportunity to meet many of you and you really are Gods Angels on earth. Bless you. 

Mary Nere, daughter of Jean Peterson

I want to express my appreciation for all of the caring and concern given so lovingly during this first year since dear Sister Mary Jane's death. It was interesting for me to be on the receiving end since during my years working in hospice, I was the one sending. Thank you for each kind note, letter, and article these past months. My life is richer because of Mary Jane's presence in my life and for this I am grateful. May God reward you for your kindness and may hospice continue to be blessed.

Sr. Mary Martin Tobias, friend of Sr. Mary Jane Heynen

“…And then something happens that is so very good, so perfectly right and so purely altruistic that the burden is lifted, the emotional spirit is reborn and a smile comes easy. This was our experience with Mayo Clinic Health System – Chippewa Valley hospice. I thank the hospice people for helping me see his death in a clearer light.”

Terence O’Donahue, brother of Donald O’Donahue

The Fallenstein family shares their journey with hospice after Mark was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.