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2014 Hospice remembrance quilt

We remember patients who have been served on hospice through our Hospice remembrance quilt.

Patients' names are stitched into the quilt chronologically, based on the date the patient received hospice care. Our first quilt included patients who were served from 1988 through December 1993. Each year since then, a new quilt has been stitched in remembrance of our hospice patients.

2014 Hospice Quilt Unveiled

The 2014 quilt represents the patients, loved ones and families, and employees touched by hospice. This year’s quilt was created by Kathy Schmiedeskamp and Sandra Peterson, both of Home Health and Hospice. The quilting was completed by Jan Zutter of Chippewa Falls. 

View a schedule of stops for the 2014 Hospice remembrance quilt.