Media Policy

It is our policy to cooperate with the media within specific guidelines that protect the rights of the patient.

To ensure the confidentiality and comfort of our patients, we require media representatives to be accompanied by a Public Affairs staff member while on campus. To arrange a media escort, please contact Public Affairs at 715-838-3181.

We do not provide routine condition reports for patients unless the patient or representative has signed a form releasing the information.

The following terms may be used to describe the patient's condition:

Treated and released.

Good: Vital signs, including pulse, respiration, temperature and blood pressure are within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable.

Fair: Vital signs are within normal limits, but patient may be uncomfortable or experiencing minor complications.

Serious: Vital signs may be outside normal limits, and treatments are being directed toward assisting return of vital signs to normal limits. There may be signs of organ tissue instability and mechanical systems may be necessary. May also be used to describe a patient with multiple orthopedic or tissue injury.

Critical: Vital signs are frequently outside normal limits and one or more organ systems are in failure. There are major complications and artificial devices are used. Patient is only partly conscious or in a coma. May also be used to describe a patient with multiple orthopedic or tissue injuries who meets the above criteria.

A distinction could be made if a patient is in critical condition, but the condition is not considered life threatening.