Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a consultation appointment?
You will need a referral from a Mayo Clinic Health System provider.

What causes nonhealing wounds?
Chronic, or nonhealing, wounds can result from a number of factors, including diabetes, poor circulation, trauma, vascular disease and immobility. These can lead to pressure ulcers, commonly known as bed sores.

Will I have to change my primary care provider or specialist?
No. We will work with your provider or specialist during your treatments. While receiving treatment, you will continue to receive care from your provider.

Does insurance cover specialized wound care treatment?
Many health plans, including Medicare, Medical Assistance and commercial insurance, cover outpatient wound care. Please contact your insurance carrier to determine if your visit will be covered.

What can I expect at the first appointment?
Your first appointment will consist of a review of your medical history, blood tests and previous treatments. A comprehensive wound assessment with photos will be performed by skilled wound care professionals.

Who will I see during the appointment?
Your initial appointment will be with a physician. Follow-up appointments may be with a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or wound care nurse.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
For the first appointment, please bring a current medication list and a copy of your insurance card.

How long does an appointment take?
Please plan to spend approximately one hour with us for the initial appointment. Follow-up appointments may be shorter based on the wound care provided.

Does wound care hurt?
We will provide a topical medication to the area before performing any procedure.