Do I Need Specialized Wound Treatment?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you may benefit from a consultation and individualized treatment plan.

Do you have:

  • An open sore, ulcer or injury that hasn’t healed after two weeks of treatment?
  • Swelling, weepy, blisters or open sores on your legs?
  • Skin on legs that appears scaly or has changed color?
  • Side effects of radiation treatment, such as wounds that won’t heal, dry mouth, teeth issues or painful swallowing?
  • Surgical incisions that have not healed?
  • Open or painful areas on your buttocks, tailbone or hips?
  • Bone infections?
  • A nonhealing wound along with diabetes, circulation issues or an autoimmune disorder?
  • Wound with exposed muscle, tendon or bone?

A referral by your Mayo Clinic Health System provider is needed to start your care today.