Call Ahead or Walk In

If you'd like to see an Urgent Care provider, you have two choices:

1. Call ahead to make a same-day appointment.

We recommend this option for several reasons. By making an appointment, you'll minimize your waiting time, and if you're already a Mayo Clinic Health System patient, calling ahead gives us time to obtain your medical records. And if you're not really sure whether you need to see a doctor, a nurse can help you decide if it's necessary.

Based on your symptoms, the nurse may:

  • Schedule an Urgent Care appointment.
  • Suggest follow-up care if you do not need to see a doctor.
  • Advise you to go to the nearest Emergency Department if your symptoms are more severe.
  • Contact your primary care provider to see if they can treat you more quickly.

2. Go directly to Urgent Care.

If making an appointment is inconvenient, just walk into your nearest Urgent Care clinic and describe your symptoms to a nurse. A medical provider will see you as soon as possible; however, during busy times, you may have to wait before being seen. We recommend calling ahead to make an appointment, because patients with appointments are usually seen before walk-in patients.