Cancer Guide

A cancer guide is a specialized oncology professional who helps patients work through their cancer diagnosis and treatment. As you begin treatment, the cancer guide will: 

  • Assess the impact of the cancer diagnosis on the patient and family.
  • Help manage crisis points in dealing with cancer.
  • Coordinate referrals to other supportive therapies such as spiritual care, nutrition services, palliative care and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Connect the patient and family with community resources.

By offering a supportive presence, the cancer guide helps the patient explore the personal impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment. The patient’s individual needs and concerns are addressed with the goal of minimizing distress and fostering coping strategies. The cancer guide will help the patient from feeling overwhelmed as the emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis (denial, fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt and loneliness) begin to set in. Additionally, the cancer guide also will be there to share in the patient’s outlook of hope.

During every step of the patient’s journey, the cancer guide will be there to offer support of the whole person — mind, body and spirit.