Nutrition FAQs

Will insurance cover the cost of the dietitian appointment?
Insurances vary in their coverage, so we recommend that every patient check with their own insurance company to verify if the service is covered.

How long do appointments last?
Your initial appointment is usually 60-90 minutes long. Follow-up appointments average 30 minutes.

Who are registered dietitians? Registered dietitians (RDs) are indispensable providers of food and nutrition services. Their expertise is essential in promoting optimal nutrition, health and well being among the public. They are responsible for integrating nutrition plans into the larger patient treatment plan.

What vital health care services do RDs provide?
Registered Dietitians:

  • provide a nutrition assessment
  • determine the nutrition diagnosis
  • determine and implement a nutrition intervention
  • monitor and evaluate your progress

Medical nutrition therapy provided can improve your health and increase productivity and satisfaction levels through decreased doctor visits, hospitalizations and reduced prescription drug use.