Team-based care

In a successful team, each member plays a critical role and makes the team stronger. This is true in the Spine & Neurological Surgery Department. You are the center of this team. We want to get to know you as a person and learn about your goals.

Other team members include a surgeon, nurse practitioner, nurse, scheduling staff and your primary care provider. A nurse practitioner and surgeon are paired together, and they will review your case together. During your first appointment, you may see the nurse practitioner, the surgeon or both. This helps you get an appointment and answers to your questions quicker.

You will see the same surgeon and nurse practitioner in the clinic and the operating room on the day of your surgery. This will lower your risk for unnecessary testing and the potential of medical errors. As well, seeing familiar faces may ease any fears or confusion you have.

Your primary care provider is an important part of your team. He or she will be notified of your treatment plan, follow your progress in our electronic health record and be ready to manage your health care after your surgery.