International Travel Clinic

With more and more people leaving the United States for business and pleasure trips, medical concerns while traveling are becoming increasingly complicated. If you or members of your family are involved in these trips, we can help prepare you to have a healthy trip by providing: 

  • A detailed list of diseases and other health risks for each country you plan to visit.
  • Vaccinations and international vaccination certificates.
  • Advice on how to prevent jet lag, motion sickness, insect bites and diarrhea.
  • Suggestions for traveling with medications and documentation for restricted substances.
  • A list of reputable clinics in destination countries that have English-speaking physicians and contact information for foreign embassies.

Anyone planning a trip overseas can benefit from seeing one of our travel medicine specialists. An appointment in our travel clinic is especially important if you are traveling to underdeveloped or developing countries where there’s a higher risk of contracting malaria and other serious illnesses. These areas include:

  • Africa
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia

We recommend scheduling an appointment at least six weeks before you depart. Some vaccines require several weeks for immunity to develop while others require more than one dose of vaccine for full protection. If your trip is to an underdeveloped or developing country, you may need to schedule an appointment up to two months in advance to receive a full set of immunizations.

Call 715-838-6171 for an appointment.