Over 50? Protect Yourself

Getting a colonoscopy is the best way to protect yourself from colon cancer, and here at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire we've heard all the excuses why those over 50 choose not to have one! See if your excuse is listed here!

  • Excuse #1 - There's no colon cancer in my family.
    The majority of colorectal cancer is not inherited.
  • Excuse #2 - I don't have the time.
    Exams can be scheduled so that only one day off is required.
  • Excuse #3 - I'm afraid of the pain.
    Sedation is used, and the majority of patients have no recollection of the exam.
  • Excuse #4 - I would rather get colon cancer than have a colonoscopy.
    A colonoscopy is painless. Why go through pain and suffering of colon cancer?.
  • Excuse #5 - I don't have any symptoms of colon cancer.
    By the time pain, bleeding and change in bowel habits occur, the cancer may no longer be curable.
  • Excuse #6 - I can't stand the prep!
    There are a number of options which are quite tolerable.
  • Excuse #7 - It's too expensive.
    Most insurance companies will pay for a screening colonoscopy.

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