What do my parents need to know?

Remember the first time you were driving and felt your car hydroplane? Skid? Head toward the ditch? A deer stepped out in the road in front of you?

This class allows teens the opportunity to experience these potential accident-causing situations in a safe, controlled environment with a trained professional in the passenger seat next to them. The passenger will coach the teen on how to recover control of the vehicle without panicking and over-correcting.  

Don't pass up on this opportunity to spend the day with your teen learning safe driving skills. It could be the difference between life or death!

Dress for the weather. You will be outside! Also, parents may be asked to set up cones and assist with the road portion of the class. Please wear comfortable shoes and bright-colored clothing. Some areas may be wet and/or muddy. Boots comfortable for walking may be preferred.

Local media and photographers will attend this event.