What will I learn?

Did you know the steering wheel of a car is more of a suggestion box? Your feet actually control whether or not the car will respond to a turn.

At this class, teens and their parents will spend time in the classroom learning:

  • The physics and geometry of driving
  • How to eliminate distractions
  • How what you learn during the class relates to the real world
  • How to avoid a crash before it ever happens

After the classroom portion, teens will drive their car on a specially designed road course while a trained professional rides with them and coaches them from the passenger seat. Teens will experience and feel the response of their car when driving during the following situations:

  • Emergency and wet braking
  • Bringing a car out of skid
  • Recovering when a tire goes off the road
  • Shifting lanes — accident avoidance — emergency lane changes 
  • Side-to-side weight transfer