Car Control Class

Remember the first time you were driving and felt your car hydroplane? Skid? Head toward the ditch? Or a deer stepped out in the road in front of you?

The all-day Car Control Class puts teens in their cars, with experienced in-car instructors, and teaches them how to control in a variety of “real-world” situations, all within the confines of a dedicated and safe facility. Your teen will experience feelings in the car that frequently cause panic and overcorrection by inexperienced drivers leading to crashes and/or death.

Car Control Class


This class is a must for ANY teen driver. It does not replace drivers’ education or teach teens how to drive; rather, it helps your teen understand the fundamentals of car control.

The day will include classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel coaching. Teens will experience and feel the response of their cars during the following in-car exercises:

  • Emergency braking techniques
  • Slalom course to demonstrate weight transfer of the vehicle
  • Car handling during wet road conditions using a skid pad
  • Sudden lane changes simulating accident avoidance
  • Recovering when a tire goes off the road
Car Control Class

Far from boring, teens leave with huge smiles on their faces from the fun they had, and as a parent, you will be equally happy knowing they learned skills behind the wheel that can save lives.

  • Date: Saturday, Oct. 1. Registration is closed. Please email us if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.
  • Time: Staggered start times beginning at 10 a.m. Class runs approximately 5.5 hours.
  • Location: Chippewa Valley Technical College West Campus, 3623 Campus Road, Eau Claire
  • Cost: $30 per teen, payable at time of registration — includes supplies and lunch for teen and parent(s).
  • Who can attend: Any teens age 16 to 19. Teen must have a driver’s license by class date.
  • Vehicle: The teen will use the vehicle he/she drives most often. We will inspect the car before the driving exercises. All loose items must be removed before the class. No full-size SUVs or full-size pickups due to risk of rolling with high-profile vehicles. Call Wayne Street at 715-838-3073 if you have questions regarding vehicle types.

A parent MUST attend the entire class with the teen. Parents attend the classroom instruction and participate on the course setting up cones. This allows an ideal viewpoint to see your teen improve throughout the day. You will be amazed!

Call 715-838-3180 with questions about the class.

The Car Control Class is organized by Mayo Clinic Health System, Chippewa Valley Technical College and Chippewa Valley Sports Car Club.

Interested in becoming a coach?
Email us to let us know!

2012 Brave Hearts and Real Heroes awards from the American Red Cross Western Wisconsin Chapter, honoring Dr. Leland Mayer. Dr. Mayer is the "driving" force behind the Car Control class.