Our Professional Team

We are here for you from the very first phone call and for as long as you wish our services. Considering bariatric surgery is a huge commitment, and we promise to be here for every question you have. We’ll provide information on insurance issues, medical consultations, hospital care, follow-up care, exercise recommendations, counseling and support groups.

You’ll find our staff to be sensitive, supportive and respectful. Your weight and other health information will be held in strict confidence.

Our team will support you every step of the way focusing on your emotional, physical, nutritional and educational needs.

You'll meet with experts in each of these areas/departments:

  • Behavioral Health — assessment of your emotional readiness for bariatric surgery
  • Nutrition Counseling — education about proper nutrition, portion size and lifestyle changes
  • Surgery — consultations about which procedure is best for you
  • Bariatric Medicine — general health evaluation and support
  • Pulmonology — for issues involving sleep
  • Exercise Physiology — development of a fitness plan
  • Insurance — help with those important insurance questions