Organize Your Team

2015 Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival

Early Planning Tips

Captains should complete one team lottery registration form between March 1-31. Captains should recruit and register 20 to 24 paddlers and one drummer. You’ll want to race with a team of enthusiastic paddlers that are able to commit to a full day of racing on Aug. 5, as well as to the required one-hour practice session. Be sure that each team member is at least 14 years old.

Energize your Team Tips


  • Collect your teammates’ email addresses and phone numbers so future communication is easy.
  • Coordinate communications between the Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival and the team.
  • Keep your teammates posted about important race day information.
  • Collaborate on a team identity, including name, team description (25 words or less), team cheer or song and team tent.
  • Every team also needs to bring their team spirit! Your enthusiasm, look, sound and spirit may even earn you an award at the closing ceremony.
  • The Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival will provide each team a 10’ by 10’ space in the team village on race day. Each team needs to provide its own tent/canopy, seating and decor. This is where your team will relax and get psyched up for your races.
  • Feel free to bring water to keep your team hydrated. Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival will have plenty of food and drink available for purchase. Remember to bring cash to purchase food and merchandise. No tobacco and alcohol is allowed at Half Moon Beach.

Practice and Race Day Tips

All paddlers must know the basics of dragon boat safety:

  • Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD). Inflatable PFDs aren’t allowed in our event or at practice.
  • Always listen to and promptly obey your steerperson’s commands.
  • Be sure all paddlers are at practice to listen to the safety briefing and orientation before getting on the water.
  • No alcohol is allowed before or during practices. On race day, intoxication is grounds for disqualification. Socializing and competing are both a big part of this sport, so be responsible.
  • Captains should prepare a boat lineup before your first practice. Select a drummer that is small in stature (someone under 125 lbs. is ideal) and has a loud, enthusiastic voice. Put lighter, more experienced paddlers or paddlers with good timing and self‐control in the front; heavier, stronger paddlers in the middle; and lighter, taller paddlers with good endurance in the rear. Balance the boat side‐to‐side and front-to‐back as best possible. The steersperson and/or coach will also help you, if needed.
  • All paddlers must attend the mandatory race practice prior to race date. You’ll have some paperwork and organizing to do, which can easily take 30 minutes. It’ll be a lot more relaxing and effective if you aren’t in a rush.
  • Review safety and commands prior to entering the boat.

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