2015 Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival 113

Please join us as a sponsor of this new, exciting event to honor loved ones that currently use and those who have used hospice services. Sponsorship of the Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival is a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the thrills of dragon boat racing and showcase your organization’s support for hospice and end-of-life care. We have a variety of sponsorship levels available.

This event will include racing teams from the business community and community at large. It will be a great opportunity to showcase your support and network with the local community. Because this event is so unique, there will be a strong public relations and advertising campaign to promote community attendance and awareness.

Teamwork is everything in a dragon boat. Just as in business, a perfectly synchronized team will almost always beat a stronger but less coordinated team. Sponsorship of the Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival offers your organization a unique opportunity to be a part of a distinctive community fundraising event and can help build team camaraderie.

For more information and to reserve your sponsorship, please email Development or call 715-838-3219.

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