If you want to know what a dragon boat race is like, here is some great footage taken from a drone at the 2015 Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival.

About Dragon Boats

2015 Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival

Equal parts sporting event and spectacle, dragon boat racing is a team sport that has its roots in ancient China. In the last 25 years, dragon boat racing has been revitalized and is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world.

A dragon boat is a long, colorful boat with a delicate and ornate head and tail. Hong Kong-style boats race point to point with the winner determined by which dragon’s nose crosses the finish line first. Each boat is propelled by a crew of 20 paddlers, a drummer and steersperson (provided by the race for each boat). Dragon boat racing is a great sport for men and women of all ages and athletic abilities.

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