Digital Mammography

Digital mammography has some advantages over conventional mammography. Conventional film screen mammography uses low energy X-rays that pass through the body. The exiting X-rays are absorbed by film (X-ray film), which is then developed into a mammography image that can be held and looked at by the radiologist. With digital mammography, low-energy X-rays pass through exactly like conventional mammograms, but are recorded by means of an electronic digital detector instead of the film. This electronic image can be displayed on a video monitor like a TV or printed onto film. Again, this is similar to digital cameras that produce a digital picture that can be displayed on a computer screen or printed on paper.

Near instantaneous image are made and the ability to transmit images electronically around the world are also significant advantages. One can have a mammogram at a remote site with the images sent, displayed and interpreted at a medical center at a different location.

Only facilities that have been certified to practice mammography and have FDA approval for digital mammography may offer the digital system. Mayo Clinic Health System – Chippewa Valley in Bloomer has been certified and approved by the FDA to offer the digital system to our patients. If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment call 715-568-6888 for Bloomer or 715-720-4400 for Chippewa Falls.