Prescription Refills

When you have seven to 10 days of medication left:

  • Call your pharmacy to check on remaining refills.

If you have no remaining refills at your pharmacy:

  • Have the pharmacist contact your health care provider's office to see if your medication can be refilled. You may need an appointment before the medication can be reviewed.
  • Contact your health care team online through Patient Online Services.
  • Allow at least three days to process your refill request.

Clinic visits:

  • Always bring your medications, vitamins and herbal supplements to each office visit.
  • Speak with your provider about refills at the time of your office visit to plan for upcoming needs.

At the pharmacy:

  • Always double check your prescription for accuracy before you leave the pharmacy.
  • Remember the brand names may change, but the generic medication and dose should always match your previous prescription.

Special medications:

  • Certain medications used for pain, anxiety or ADHD require a written prescription. Contact the clinic to coordinate prescription pickup. We request a photo ID to pick up these prescriptions. Allow at least three full business days to fulfill your request.