Good Sleep Habits

These guidelines can be helpful in alleviating sleep disorders:

  • Get up about the same time every day.
  • Go to bed only when sleepy.
  • Establish relaxing pre-sleep rituals (such as a warm bath, light bedtime snack, or 10 minutes of reading).
  • Exercise regularly. Confine vigorous exercise to early hours, at least six hours before bedtime, and do mild exercise at least four hours prior to bedtime.
  • Keep a regular schedule. Regular times for meals, medications, chores and other activities help keep the inner clock running smoothly.
  • Avoid caffeine within six hours of bedtime.
  • Don't drink alcohol, especially when sleepy. Even a small dose of alcohol can have a potent effect when combined with tiredness.
  • Avoid smoking close to bedtime.
  • Avoid napping during the daytime. If daytime sleepiness becomes overwhelming, limit nap time to a single nap of less than one hour, no later than 3 p.m.
  • Avoid sleeping pills or use them conservatively.
  • Minimize light, noise and extremes in temperature in the bedroom.