Choosing a Primary Care Provider

Finding the right primary care provider is the first step as a new patient. Having a primary care provider allows you to establish a trusting relationship with one person who gets to know you and your medical history, and provides continuity of care for you and your family.

A primary care provider:

  • Is available to evaluate and treat day-to-day health problems
  • Advises you on preventive screenings at different stages throughout your life
  • Follows up with you to explain test results and judge how well your treatment is working
  • Refers you to qualified specialists when needed
  • Maintains the big picture of your overall health and treatment needs

Primary care consists of the specific specialties in the these locations in Wisconsin:

You may wish to consider the following criteria as part of your selection process:

  • Age (yourself or your preferred provider)
  • Gender (yourself or your preferred provider)
  • Clinic or office location
  • Specialty (family medicine, internal medicine, a physician who specializes in care for women, etc.)
  • Existing medical conditions (matching the interests or expertise of the provider)

To learn about our providers, browse our directory of medical staff, making sure to select your preferred location.

For personalized assistance in selecting a provider, please call our Physician Referral Line at 1-866-711-2702 (toll-free).