Geriatric Consultation Clinic

This clinic sees patients and their families during an approximately two-hour appointment to meet with a medical provider, social worker and therapists, if needed.

An assessment is conducted to evaluate physical health, safety, cognitive status and emotional well-being. At the end of the appointment, patients and families are given suggestions, resources and a follow-up plan to address their individual needs. An update will be given to their primary care physician.

This is an opportunity for patients and families to have their care and caregiver questions addressed at one visit.

Who can benefit from geriatric care services?

  • Those diagnosed with a chronic illness
  • Patients with increased care needs
  • Families struggling with caregiver stress
  • Patients with decreased mobility
  • Patients and families struggling with dementia or life-limiting illness

To make an appointment at the clinic in Rice Lake, call 715-236-8500.

See our brochure for additional information.